Stay Fresh and So Clean, Clean with Suave

Stay Fresh and So Clean, Clean with Suave - The Nueva Latina

Happy September! The past few weeks have been so CRAZY and so HECTIC. With everything going on in east Texas with the damage left behind by all the flooding, it’s been a little hard to get into the positive writing mood.

I am in desperate need of a vacation. I honestly just want to get away and relax for a couple of days. And, thankfully, in about 2 weeks I will be back in my beloved Cancun for a bachelorette weekend. When I think of the beach, my worries start to drift away. The beach is my favorite place of all time.

Stay Fresh and So Clean, Clean with Suave - The Nueva Latina

In beach preparation, I have stepped up my workout game and my skin game. Taking care of your skin doesn’t stop at your face. I love nourishing my body by working out, eating clean, and taking care of my skin. I love feeling smooth and fresh on the daily. I have been looking for different body washes lately to add to my beauty routine. I wanted something that would leave my skin feeling silky smooth and that would also smell amazing.

That’s when Suave fell into my lap, literally. I was running through the store one day when my purse hit the products in that aisle and all these Suave body washes fell on the floor. Super me. Super embarrassing. And that is a true story. As, I picked them up I noticed the Ocean Breeze scent and told myself I would try it soon.

I FINALLY got the chance to try out Suave Body Wash this past week and I am absolutely in love with it. Upon opening it, I could SMELL the ocean. I was transported to my beloved beach and it immediately calmed me down. I felt nice and smooth after my shower and I could relax for those couple of minutes in the shower just by the smell of the body wash.

Stay Fresh and So Clean, Clean with Suave - The Nueva Latina

I am now SUPER READY for my trip to Cancun in a couple of weeks, but happy I can imagine being there now every time I take a shower.

I also thought it would be fun to take the Suave Body Wash Quiz to see which scent I would get.

I was SUPER HAPPY when I got “Ocean Breeze” as my result. And I also received a $0.75 cash back on my first purchase of Suave body wash.

You can #FindYourScent by clicking HERE.

You can find Suave Beauty on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram using the hashtag #SuaveBeauty and #FindYourScent!

Do you use Suave Beauty products?

What smells remind you of your favorite place?

Where would you like to be transported to RIGHT NOW?

Stay Fresh and So Clean, Clean with Suave - The Nueva Latina

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