Margarita Shots with Agavero Orange

Margarita Shots with Agavero Orange - The Nueva Latina


It’s officially Labor Day Weekend!! And the fiance’s birthday! AAAAAND the start of Longhorn Football!!! YAAAAAAAAAAS!

The past week and a half have been crazy and super hard for a lot of my family and friends. Many towns and cities in East Texas were impacted by the flood brought on by Hurricane Harvey. I haven’t had the heart to write because I felt like being happy at a time like this was not allowed.

But I have SO MANY amazing family and friends in my life.And everyone that I personally know has been super positive throughout this whole mess and they have shown me what it really means to be #TexasStrong.

I wanted to come up with a cocktail recipe that is super fast and easy to make in honor of all the strong people in my life. It’s about time we have a drink before we move on to rebuild homes and lives.

I am SUPER EXCITED to be featuring Agavero Orange on the blog today! As many of you know, my Mexican family is super into tequila. Me, not so much. But, when I pair great tequila with Agavero Orange, I love it!

Agavero Orange is a tequila based liqueur that is the perfect addition to any margarita recipe. It’s Gran Centenario tequila’s perfect match, and it’s your dance partner, party pleaser and top-secret ingredient.”

Margarita Shots with Agavero Orange

Margarita Shots with Agavero Orange - The Nueva Latina

1 part Agavero Orange Liqueur
1 part Gran Centenario Tequila Plata
2 parts Fresh Lime Juice
Splash of sparkling wáter

Garnish: Lime Wedge & Salt

Glass: Shot Glass(es)

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker & muddle. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain contents of tin into a Shot Glass. Garnish with Lime Wedge & Salt.

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Have you ordered from Reserve Bar before?

Have you tried Agavero Orange?

What is your favorite tequila drink?

What do you like to drink and eat on Labor Day weekend?

Margarita Shots with Agavero Orange - The Nueva Latina

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