Making a House a Home with Hive

Making a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva Latina

[This post is sponsored by Hive but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.]

Happy Thursday y’all! So, as many of you may or may not know, I am getting married in November to the love of my life. We are in the wedding planning process as well as looking further into the future of our lives together. I have always had a goal in mind to own my own home before I turned 30. Before I met the fiance, I didn’t think I would ever be able to do that here in Austin, TX where the housing market is CRAZY. Now, with both our incomes and saving money, we are ready to start looking for a house and I am SO EXCITED!

The only two things that really freaks me out about owning a home are safety and the fear that I will leave my straightener on and the house will blow down because the pup will accidentally trip over the wire and all hell will break lose. Haha And I am sure we have ALL had one of these moments when you’re at the club having a great time and then suddenly:

Making a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva Latina

That is when I started researching on ways to make these fears go away. One of the newer, but still super highly are these connected home products out of the UK that are now making their way into the US.

Hive is a family of beautifully designed, simple-to-use smart home products that can be controlled through your mobile phone. Hive is one of the leading smart home brands in the UK, and in June 2017 they launched in the United States and Canada. One of the things that makes Hive unique is that they offer smart home subscriptions, rather than just individual devices – that means no high upfront costs to create your smart home. Thier first offering in the U.S. is the Hive Welcome Home Plan, which lets people adjust their heating and air conditioning, lighting, and appliances from their phone.

All the Hive products are connected through the Hive Hub. The Hive Hub is the heart of your connected home. It connects your Hive products so you can control them remotely with the Hive app from wherever you are – on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just plug it into your broadband router, pair your Hive products and you’re good to go.

Making a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva LatinaMaking a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva LatinaMaking a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva LatinaMaking a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva Latina

My absolute favorite product they have out right now is the Hive Active Plug. The Hive Active Plug allows you to turn appliances on and off from wherever you are. Worried you’ve left your hair straighteners or iron on after leaving the house? Simply check and switch them off from your phone. The Active Plug also allows users to set a schedule, using up to six-time slots a day, to switch electrical appliances on and off automatically – meaning you’re not wasting electricity by keeping appliances such as lamps on when you don’t need them. It’s also good for security purposes as you can switch lights on and off whenever you want; rather than a set time each day when you are away.

Making a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva Latina


It is SUPER easy to set up the Hive Active Plug. Simply plug it into the electrical socket and the LED on the plug will start flashing amber. From the Hive App, select Devices, then Install Devices. You are given the option to upgrade to Hive 2 or add another device. After selecting the latter option, the hub will start scanning for new devices on the network.

It took a couple of minutes to complete the registration of the plug. During the registration, the LED on the plug turned to solid green, and a short time later the app confirmed a successful installation.

At that point, I then plugged in my straightener into the Active Plug.

The Hive App gives you the option to name (or rename) the plug; handy if you have purchased more than one, and you can switch the device on and off manually from the app, or set up a schedule. You can also switch the unit on by pressing a button mounted on top of the Active Plug.

Switching the plug on and off via the app is almost instant, which made me really happy to know that I would never have to have one of those “OH EM GEE!” moments about my electronic devices staying on ever again thanks to Hive and the Hive Active Plug.

You can find Hive Home US on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube using the hashtag #LetsGetLiving!

What do you think about Hive?

Would you be interested in bringing Hive into your home?

Do you “connected home” or “smart home” products?

Making a House a Home with Hive - The Nueva Latina

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