My fitness journey began in January 2012.

Just fresh out of my latest breakup, I found that working out made me feel better. I started running again and began weight lifting in an effort to lose weight, tone up, and potentially catch the eye of my ex again. Then, my grandfather passed away in September 2012, I completely broke down. I started to gain weight and was so upset that he had to go that I started to go through depression. My fiance hated being around me and on top of that I started hating myself. I would find any reason to fight. I would cry all the time and I would eat to make myself feel better. I was baking a lot and eating almost everything I baked.

In January 2013, I promised my fiance that I would get back to being fit and healthy because he was convinced that that would make me feel better. Working out and eating healthy SAVED me. I felt like my life was back on track and I LOVED myself again. Now, fitness is something that is a big part of my life. When I heard of this new company, Vimbrim, I knew that it was something I had to look into. Continue reading