Baby, It's Cold Outside! Stay Warm With ClimateRight - The Nueva Latina

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Stay Warm With ClimateRight

The ClimateRight at Walmart Warm Baselayer Collection has three different types to choose from. There is Comfort Core, Plush Warmth, and Stretch Fleece. I feel in LOVE with the Stretch Fleece material so I decided to buy the CUTEST pattern of the Stretch Fleece I could find. It is super stylish and fun and I feel super CONFIDENT in it.
Austin Fashion Week 2017 - The Nueva Latina

Austin Fashion Week 2017

TGIT! Thank God it's Thursday! And this Thursday brings us the official start of Austin Fashion Week 2017! Last year was my first year attending Austin Fashion Week and I fell...

When Timing Is Everything – JORD Wood Watches + Giveaway

One of my biggest flaws to date is that I have really bad test anxiety. I started to have it after my first college exam that I bombed. I freak out, especially when the test is timed. The PE exam is timed. 8 hours. 80 Questions. Approximately 6 minutes per question. There were a good 30 minutes when I took the test in October that I just sat there freaking out. That was 5 questions I could have been answering. And then I spent at least 15 minutes each on two separate problems because I knew that I KNEW how to answer them and was too caught up to just skip them and come back to them if I had time. And, sometimes, timing is everything. In this case, time was the difference between me passing and failing. Time was not on my side towards the end of the exam and I still had about 20 problems I hadn't answered, which I guessed on.

Your Personal Style and Confidence…Express IT!

Whether we want to believe it or not, our personal style says everything about us without having to say a single word. Often times we drench ourselves with what is on trend at the moment, which is okay, but I would really like to encourage you to step out of that comfort zone and truly embrace your own personal style. Why? Because owning your own style will raise your confidence making it that much easier to go out and conquer the world…or your tasks for the day.

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