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When the bride invited me to Playa del Carmen for her bachelorette, I was a little nervous. Girls' Trips, in general, make me nervous after a bad experience I had. I was excited to go back to the Cancun area, though, since the last time I was there it was for my sister's big 1-8. Although I won't be hitting up Playa del Carmen for my bachelorette, it's the PERFECT place for a bachelorette. There is SO MUCH to do! The weather is PERFECT! And the food is AMAZING!
Happy Hump Day!! I am officially 1 day away from my trip to Playa del Carmen for one of my bestie’s bachelorette party weekend. I haven’t been to the beach in Mexico since two years ago for my baby sister’s big 1-8. The beach is my favorite place to be and I am excited to finally be back.
Although I won't be hitting up San Diego for my bachelorette, it's the PERFECT place for a bachelorette. There is SO MUCH to do! The weather is PERFECT! And the food is AMAZING!
When I found out I was staying at the Magnolia Hotel in Houston during my stay while visiting the Bud Light Brewery, I started Googling right away. I read that it was a boutique hotel and I thought, "Oh, that's cool." I had never stayed in a boutique hotel, but I had heard of them before. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but upon arrival that all changed.
I am floored with how awesome the Bud Light brewery experience once. Thank you so much to Bud Light for inviting me to Houston to tour the facility and visit with people who are so proud to work for your company. I learned so much and can't wait to be back!

Mexico Lindo Y Querido

To me, Mexico is music. Mexico is those family gatherings, with the best food in the world, that always end with a guitar. Mexico is to eat a "torta ahogada"in Guadalajara. Mexico is the advice of grandparents, calloused hands of farmers, and endless soccer games. The land of my mother and father. My land. My people smiling to greet you even if they don't know you. The smell of wet soil when it rains. Because of those memories and that story that I scream Viva Mexico! Wishing with my whole heart that the country can live better away from bad governance, injustice, corruption, and violence.
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I'm baaaaaaaack!!! Vegas was super fun and AMAZING! I love Vegas in general, so I really enjoyed myself. Not going to lie, taking a girls trip was TOUGH. There are just so many different personalities and different wants that it...
I also don't want to walk around looking like I just rolled out of bed. Any other weekend in Vegas, I probably wouldn't care. But, with the Latin Grammy's and the Cotto vs. Canelo fight, I don't know who I might see or even meet! Gotta stay looking on point!! These are some of the outfits I plan on wearing during my trip. Most I looked for on Pinterest. I have very little to no fashion sense, so I need to look at what others are wearing that I can easily mimic.
I am BEYOND excited! This will be my first girls' trip without my mom. My mom and I are super close and it makes me a little sad that I will be going on a girls' trip without her. I am excited to bond and to party with my girls though! 3 of the girls joining me are my sorority sisters and I also invited one of my friends from college. It will be interesting to see how both my worlds collide while we are on our vacation.


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