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HELLO August!


I can’t believe August is here ALREADY here! The year is going by SO FAST!!

Since relaunching by blog, I wanted to start a new monthly tradition. I want to share my goals with you all at the start of every month and I want to hear YOUR GOALS too!

I am not going to lie, I have been SLACKING lately on the blog. I sort of kind of lost motivation there for a bit. And I was also trying to be the “chill bride” and have let wedding planning slip a bit and now I am starting to fall behind when the wedding is now a little more than 3 months away! So, now here we are! I need to jump back on it and start GETTING THINGS DONE. Continue reading

Happy Hump Day y’all!! Today on the blog I wanted to talk about fears and how I have, personally, started to conquer some of my fears this year! Conquering fears are something I have struggled with my whole life.

Growing up, I was pretty scared of putting myself out there. I felt like anytime I tried to during middle and high school, I was met with contempt or annoyance. Not only was I scared of putting myself out there in a social way, but I also started to be scared to try new things.

I wasn’t always afraid of heights. The first time I really remember being afraid of heights was in 8th grade. I went to my summer church camp and I just couldn’t walk across the bridge that connected both sides of the camp. You can look down and see everything below you as you walk across the bridge. I had done this what felt like a billion times before the previous summers. For some reason this time was different. I looked down and almost threw up. I didn’t walk calmly across that bridge ever since then. Continue reading

HELLO 2017!


I can’t believe 2017 is here ALREADY here! The past year went by super fast! January is one of my favorite months because it serves as a month to START OVER. We now have 362 days left in 2017 and that is 362 opportunities to make this year YOUR year!

Since relaunching by blog, I wanted to start a new monthly tradition. I want to share my goals with you all at the start of every month and I want to hear YOUR GOALS too!

My Goals…Why do I set them? Why do I want to share them here?

  • Setting goals helps me remain focused.
  • Sharing my goals helps to hold me accountable.
  • I hope that it may inspire you to set goals for yourself!

Setting goals is essential for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. You’ll also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead you astray.

I have also decided on my WORD OF THE YEAR!!! Every year, I pick a word that will be my guide for my life. This year, my word is JOY. I really want to focus more on doing things and taking opportunities that make ME happy. This past year was a little tough for me and looking back I realized that I wasn’t happy for most of it. I feel that if I look at every opportunity that is laid before me and ask myself “Will this bring me JOY?” and “Will I look back and be happy I did this?” And then if I stick to bringing JOY into my life everything else will fall into place. Continue reading

We are all experts at setting goals. Today we’ll do a billion different things. And by the end of the month, we’ll nail all those, plus one million more. Easy, right?

Truth is, it’s much easier to set goals than to ACTUALLY do them. It all comes down to motivation, and let’s be honest: motivation can go down the drain…very, very fast. It’s  just so much easier to sit back and think about all the things we’re going to do… eventually.

I decided to do some research and went to the pros to find 10 new ways to reach your goal, whatever it may be.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy, and we’re not saying it’ll be quick. But I’m willing to bet it’ll be worth it. And the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing just one of our goals? Enough to keep us taking baby steps toward everything else on our list.

Let’s do this!

Continue reading